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Come on and take a ride on the most innovative plastic cruiser on market, the Globe Bantam. We are taking it back to the days when these were the only boards available to get your shred on. For many, these were the boards we learned to skate on, now we have reinvented and reissued these fun cruisers. The Bantam is Globe’s latest addition to our cruiser board line up. These may look like the boards of yesteryear, but they definitely are not.
With a 30-day guarantee on the board and a lifetime guarantee on the trucks, the Bantam Cruiser is not a toy. The board is stiffer, the trucks are wider and the components last longer than anything in the market. These little beasts have been tested on the streets, backyard pools and any ramps we come across. The Globe Bantam is the real deal Holyfield so go out to your local skate or surf shop and pick one up.The GLOBE Bantam is available worldwide  and sooner than u think in greece!!!More info here...

MORE SPECS – Bantams come assembled with the following quality components:
DECK: 7″x24″ Heavy-duty molded plastic with S-TRAC grip pattern
WHEELS: High grade 62mm/83a urethane
TRUCKS: SLANT 4.75″ wide with reflexive 94a bushings.
Our trucks come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!