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5 minutes with JAMIE THOMAS!

JAMIE THOMAS  set the standard for what it means to go big on a skateboard, while simultaneously creating some of the most memorable video parts and videos in skate history.He is the owner and president of Black Box Distribution, which was created in 2000 and is the parent company of Mystery Skateboards, $lave Skateboards, Zero Skateboards, Threat By Zero, Insight Clothing, and Fallen Footwear...

GT:Do you still consider yourself a pro skateboarder?

JT:Absolutely, I've been skating more this year than I have in years past. I’m enjoying traveling and filming  right now.


GT: Do you feel the same accomplished now that you are a brand
owner-distributor as a pro skateboarder?

JT:I don't think about accomplishment much, I just think about what more I could be doing. I just want to keep looking forward.


GT: Do you believe that equipment wise skateboards can improve?

JT:Yeah sure, it can always improve; it's ridiculously basic.


GT: Are you happy with the way skateboarding is becoming bigger with more brand companies which are not skateboarding related getting involved in bigger contests (energy drinks, car companies)?


JT:I don't know… there's pros and cons to skateboarding getting bigger. What can you do though? sit around and complain or just make the most of it and cheers some energy drinks!! Just kidding, but for real if big business wants to put their money up to help our events then whatever' it's cool by me.


GT:Favorite skateboarders at the moment?

JT:John Fitzgerald, Trevor Colden, James Hardy, and Jon Dickson


GT: How far is Jamie Thomas personality from back in the days (having
Josh Kalis as a roommate)?

JT:Hopefully, I've grown up and mellowed out... hopefully I'm also enjoying myself more. 


--------------------------------LEAP OF FAITH-----------------------------------------------


His section in "Welcome To Hell" is arguably the biggest milestone of his career.