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George Manos " The Humbling"

Flatland bmx is very intense and demands huge levels of patience . Sometimes its even harder to perform on demand or in front of a camera. As riders we all have spent hours and hours trying to pull our hardest tricks. Start-fail-restart-fail -restart and so on. During this time a game of persistense and giving up goes on in our head. This is the process of "The Humbling". In the end you...

QUIK by Colin Kennedy with Austyn Gillette

Το Quik του Colin Kennedy μας παρουσιάζει ποιό είναι πραγματικά το αληθινό street skateboarding με την βοήθεια της ταχύτητας και του style του Austyn Gillette. ENJOY and remember 'in skateboarding it doesn't matter what tricks you do - it's how and where you do them!!! Watch behind the scenes footage...