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2012 VQS Volcomania World Championships

The 2012 VQS Volcomania World Championships presented by Muscle Milk has come to a close  and had epic matches that led to three days of beating, bashing, breaking and bruising!After the broken tables and chairs were cleared from the ring, the winners walked away with their Championship belts in hands and their share of the $30,000 prize purse!! Volcomania entrance to the...

Burning Ink London 2012 - Official Edit

The 4th edition of Burning Ink finished on the 31st of March , as art was inked and burned at the closing ceremony on Cheshire Street, East London. The unique art show concept, which has been running at Beach London through March, saw three of the unique hand drawn pieces become tattoo at Kids Love Ink, whilst the rest were lost to the fire on Saturday night. That brings the London stop of...