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Kostis Migkos Photo Take Over- Hosted by 48x17 Cycles

Επειδή μεσογειακές στιγμές εικονοποιημένες από τον ταλαντούχο Κωστή Μίγκο στον πολυχώρο του 48x17 Cycles(Βεΐκου 2) είναι μάλλον κάτι που δεν πρέπει να χάσεις!


48x17 presents a photography take over from all time favorite photographer/ adventurer/ traveler Kostis Migkos.

Kostis photos have been pouring on our feeds for quite some time now and they are full of jaw dropping imagery. 

Eloquent and superbly articulated, they depict a life in search of stoke - either on icy slopes, stone cold waves or just star gazing on Greece's endless summer.

Using material either from his surf zine AkickintheNut. , his various photo projects or from his personal channels we are super happy to let him take over the walls of 48x17 for 10 days.

Join us to see, meet, drink, eat and talk about the great life outdoors.